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The AOEK are always recruiting and welcome any level, class or race. However we are currently working on our regular raiding team and we are in search of well prep'd tanks and healers. If you are interesting in auditioning for our raiding tank, please send us a message!
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Welcome to the guild website for Army of Eastern Kingdom, and Alliance Guild on the Aerie Peak Realm (EU).  We are a level 25 guild with a casual playstyle and enjoy questing, grouping and raiding at all levels of the game.  We are currently in the process of starting Cata raiding.

Please feel free to say HI! on our forums.

History Of The Guild

The Guild was bought by Enya's alt Sweetpea in May 2010 but was purely used as her bank character until the Guild in which her main character, Enya, was an officer, had a few..... issues.  Enya decided to move on from that Guild and wanted to create one of her own.  With her leadership and organization skills, she decided to bring life into her bank Guild and swapped ownership from Sweetpea to Enya on 16th November 2010.  After heavy recruiting, the Guild had 100 members within one month and has continued to grow stronger and stronger since.  The Guild was always created as a relaxed, fun, questing, dungeon, raiding guild but with the help and support for all its members and certain rules in place to keep the Guild running smoothly.  No guild is perfect of course and even the AOEK has had its wobbles since November 2010, however the Guild and all its members are going strong and the loyalty that every Guild needs, AOEK is overflowing with Loyal members and may it stay that way for years to come!  Enya is planning a massive event for the 1st year anniversary of the Guild.
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Enya is BACK!!!!!

EnyaJenkins, Jun 4, 12 12:08 PM.
Let the raiding commence!!  Wednesday 6th June we will be attacking DS 10 man full on so be geared and be ready!!!  8:30 server time start.

Bit of fun in Firelands

Ellitdot, Dec 25, 11 1:56 PM.
After swapping about our normal raiding setup, we had a bit of fun in Firelands and got a little bit further than normal.  First time kills for both Beth'Tilac and Shannox on the night.

Dragon Soul Raiding - Recruitment Open

Ellitdot, Dec 10, 11 5:24 AM.
We at AoEK don't take raiding too seriously - most of us were not raiders prior to Cataclysm coming out, and if we were, none of us were hardcore.  We try to raid twice a week and raid new and old content depending on who is available and what achievements are needed.

We want to move forward into Dragon Soul 10 man and as a result we are recruiting for our raid team.  We want the following as a high priority:
  • Holy Paladin
  • Blood DK
We also accept applicants for other roles - experienced raiders or not.  All we ask is that you are available on Sunday and Wednesday evenings from 20:30 server time for usually about 3 hours.  Skype is used for voice comms and there is no requirement to have a working mic - just be able to hear the Raid Leader's instructions and follow them.

We want to stress we are an extremely casual guild - there is no attendance limit, come when you can, sign up in game.  We don't progress to fast but we have a whole lot of fun doing so.  If you want to get your raiding career off to a fun start please speak to any of our officers in game or apply here on the website.

Recruitment is also open for PvP players - we have a number of players either in or wanting to start Arena and RBG teams.  If PvP is your thing then apply and we will get you in.

We also take people looking for a family guild.  We pride ourselves in being open to all ages and have a cracking community within the guild with help available for anyone who needs it, guild dungeon runs, guild PvP, guild RP events and help with crafting, materials and advice.  We are level 25 and have all the perks.


Ellitdot, Dec 10, 11 5:14 AM.
AoEK's first foray into the hot stuff met with little success - but then again it was fun :)

T11 Cleared

Ellitdot, Dec 10, 11 5:11 AM.
Wow its been a while since the last site update - apologies folks.  AoEK have been busy with the raiding and world events - T11 was cleared with the death of Cho'gall in October.


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